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Canadian sisters in 'Nashville' spotlight

By Bill Harris, Special to Postmedia Network

Lennon Stella (left) and Maisy Stella on 'Nashville'. (File)

Lennon Stella (left) and Maisy Stella on 'Nashville'. (File)

Just call them the Fab Two.

Lennon Stella, 13, was named after John Lennon.

Maisy Stella, 8, has Jude for a middle name.

But despite those Beatles connections, it's through country music - specifically the TV show Nashville, which airs Wednesdays on ABC and CTV Two - that the Canadian Stella sisters have increased their profile dramatically.

Lennon and Maisy are playing the daughters of Connie Britton's character in Nashville. In the episode airing this week, Lennon and Maisy will be performing on the show for the first time.

In real life, Lennon and Maisy are the daughters of Canadian country music duo the Stellas, a.k.a. dad Brad and mom Marylynne.

"Yes, we're all still a little confused as to what's going on, but it's all so positive and so good," says Lennon, when asked if her parents are freaking out a little bit about everything that has happened to the girls over the past few months.

"It's the weirdest thing, but it's so neat. It's such a compliment. It's so flattering."

Adds Maisy, "For me, like Lennon said, it's people knowing me (that is the biggest difference). But all my friends are really happy."

After the Nashville pilot was shot, the makers of the series fell in love with Lennon and Maisy and added them to the cast. And this was before a cool YouTube video of Lennon and Maisy singing Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend went viral.

"I started playing guitar when I was about five, so I've sang sort of more seriously ever since then," Lennon says. "But we've really sang together from like birth."

"I actually started singing, because I remember, when I was like two," Maisy says.

Don't you suddenly feel very old?

So girls, what's the best part about being on a big, high-profile TV show?

"The best part is probably just the makeup, because I love doing dress-up and the makeup is just so fun," Maisy says. "We get to go to wardrobe and we just love dressing up."

"Meeting all the new people, because everyone has been so supportive and so welcoming in all of this, so it has been such a fun place to be," Lennon says. "So probably for me, it's the people that we've been able to meet."

Lennon and Maisy both indicated that, despite the show that they're on and their parents' career path, their personal musical tastes tend to drift away from country. Lennon leans more toward indie and alternative music, while Maisy likes indie, too, as well as a lot of mainstream stuff.

Getting started in show business so young, though, means they both have their whole lives ahead of them to do anything, either in entertainment or elsewhere.

"Like you were saying, our family is so musical in every way, so it always has been a dream of mine to become a performer," Lennon says. "But I also always have wanted to be a teacher."

"Like Lennon said, we've always wanted music and acting," Maisy says. "But I've always wanted to be a doctor and a vet."

The Stella sisters' teaching and veterinary aspirations won't be on display right away on Nashville. We'll have to wait for a spinoff.

For now, Lennon and Maisy Stella will take a sad song and make it better. With musical parents and Beatle names, the audience can open their ears and let it be.



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