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Susan Sarandon: Watch 'Cloud Atlas' twice

By Jim Slotek, Special to Postmedia Network

Susan Sarandon. (Joseph Marzullo/<A HREF="http://www.wenn.com" TARGET="newwindow">WENN.COM</a>)

Susan Sarandon. (Joseph Marzullo/WENN.COM)

Not that she's impartial, but Susan Sarandon suggests moviegoers see Cloud Atlas twice. "The second time it becomes really fun. It's kind of like, 'Where's Waldo?'" she says.

It's Waldo-ish on a couple of levels, in fact. During the credits of the Wachowski siblings' adaptation of the David Mitchell novel, audiences are treated to what amounts to a "bow." The cast-list rolls with images of various characters (of varying races and sexes) each actor played in the movie's six connected stories. Some are such a surprise they elicit audible gasps.

That inspires one type of Waldo-spotting the second time around.

But the sharp-eyed Sarandon found more sly humour on a second look. "Paintings of the shoreline at the beginning of the movie show up in one person's apartment and then show up somewhere else in another story. There are these payoffs of interwoven things.

"I noticed lines that were repeated and references thrown around in jest to being thrown out the window (there's a notorious scene in which Tom Hanks, as a thuggish author, does this very thing)."

"I was kind of surprised there was so much humour sprinkled into it. It really headed off any pretentiousness," says Sarandon, who plays Yusouf Souleiman, a South Asian businessman, as well as The Abbess, a post-Apocalyptic shaman who warns Tom Hanks' character Zachry of ill-tidings in a garbled version of English that "I thought should have had subtitles."

It was Sarandon's second experience with the Wachowskis. In Speed Racer, she said, "there wasn't much variation in the room you were given. This was much more relaxed. It was a complete atmosphere of surrender and fun.

"It's like they say, 'You should relax in the jaws of a lion.'"


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