That's What She Said: Canucks' goalie conundrum like a relationship

Amie Nguyen, special to 24 hours Vancouver

Who is best for the relationship between team and city? Cory Schneider (left) or Roberto Luongo? reuters

Who is best for the relationship between team and city? Cory Schneider (left) or Roberto Luongo? reuters

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One wrong move and you’re in hot water. Every little mistake thereafter will be microscopically scrutinized until you do some kind of grand gesture to get out of the hot seat.

The entire relationship is like walking on thin ice. Sound familiar, boys?

When it comes to the “goalie controversy” of the Vancouver Canucks between Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo, it’s like the city assumes the role of the girlfriend and the two netminders are the potential boyfriends.

First, we have Lu, the mysterious Italian with slicked-back locks. He’s been around longer, he’s had his notable up moments, as well as his notable down moments. He sure knows how to take a verbal beating.

On the other side, Schneider’s young and he’s fresh. He’s definitely shown us that he has what it takes to make us happy and that he wants to be a part of the equation.

Struggling between what our mind wants and what our heart wants, the city is torn when it comes to deciding what’s best for the relationship.

In the end, Papa Gillis has final say on who we will ultimately end up with.

But until then, we’ll try to make the best out of the situation and be appreciative of what the boys do for us and not dismiss them when they’re off their game.


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

This goes for anyone with a significant other, friends or family members who are crazed hockey fans. You might as well try to get into it. First things first, know the basic rules (thank you, Internet), and it’ll be much easier to understand what’s going on in the game.

The right way for game day

If you’re attending a game at Rogers Arena, get there early. Soaking up the atmosphere is half the experience. Grab some food or beer and be comfortably seated before the festivities begin so you won’t miss the intro, anthem(s) and puck drop. Don’t cut your experience short by showing up late and having to shuffle past a row of annoyed fans to get to your seat.

Canuck Couture

Ladies, there are many more options out there than the pink jersey. Throw on a Canucks beanie, a team scarf or the lovely V-neck tees, which have proven to turn heads.

An East Van girl, Amie’s life would be incomplete without sports. Find her at and follow her @amienguyen

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