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Player-tripping coach had previous conviction

By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver

University of B.C. Hornets hockey coach and former Scoutmaster Martin Tremblay was sentenced for an assault two months before he tripped a young player during a post-game handshake, court heard Thursday.

Tremblay was in B.C. Provincial Court in Richmond for a pre-sentence hearing after pleading guilty in November to two counts of assault in connection with the June incident. Two boys fell when Tremblay tripped a 13-year-old who had sworn at and taunted the coach after scoring a goal.

Despite earlier reports, the child’s wrist was not broken by the fall, court heard.

Crown prosecutor Gerri-Lyn Nelson is seeking a 30-day house arrest order for Tremblay, followed by 18 months probation with a string of conditions, including that Tremblay doesn’t work with minors.

Defence counsel Bob Bellows is seeking a suspended sentence with probation, or a fine with probation. He doesn’t object to the condition that Tremblay would not coach during probation.

Bellows said his client was “mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted” that day and was off his anti-depressants.

“He gave massively to the community and to youth before this incident.”

Nelson read a statement from the boy.

“The coach called me an a--hole and that I couldn’t score because I suck,” the child said in the statement, which detailed how he was called words such as “fingerboy,” in reference to how the boy stuck out his middle finger at the coach.

“When the game ended, I kind of chucked my stick away and then knelt and cried.”

The judge reserved decision until Feb. 26.



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