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Tyler Shaw living the dream

By Joe Leary

Up-and-coming musician Tyler Shaw of Coquitlam. (SUBMITTED)

Up-and-coming musician Tyler Shaw of Coquitlam. (SUBMITTED)

Tyler Shaw is riding high on the success of Kiss Goodnight, a radio-friendly single that has recently gone gold. With an opening date for Kesha and more studio time coming up, Joe Leary spent 24 Seconds with the 20-year-old Coquitlam native. 

24: It’s a catchy song. What’s the feedback been like on it so far?

TS: It’s just been an amazing response with fans through radio. For first-time listeners, you can see their comments on YouTube and its all good stuff.

24: Did you plan to become a recording artist or did this whole thing kind of catch you off guard?

TS: It’s been a hobby since I was 13-years-old, but during last year’s MuchMusic Covers competition I thought that I actually had a decent shot at this. I always had a good ear for production, I guess, music wise so my friends say anyway. I thought let’s give it my all and it turned out pretty good.

24: Earlier on, what encouraged you to sing? Were you a musical kid?

TS: My earliest memory for music is singing Backstreet Boys in the backseat of my mom’s car when I was four-years-old. Between four and 13 I have no musical recollection of anything. Thirteen was when I found the guitar and at 14 I started singing. People would tell me to stick with it because you never know where it could go. Over the years I would be singing every single day and I guess my voice got better and better. I remember the first song I wrote and sang wasn’t very good but now they’re better.

24: Was Kiss Goodnight a song that you’d had for awhile or is it a recent composition?

TS: That was very recent. We wrote that one in the fall of 2012. It was a real life experience; kind of one of those moments where you don’t want to leave so we figured out a hook and wrote some lyrics and it came together very well.

24: Being a young guy is it still pretty cool to think that just a few years ago you were singing along to the radio and now you’re song is on there?

TS: Oh yeah. Grade 7 was when I thought that I wanted to have a song on the radio. To actually have that dream come true is just so surreal. It’s incredible so now I can go onto the next dream.

24: What is the next dream?

TS: Just to have a career in music as a recording artist or as a producer or something — to be successful in this industry because I’ve heard everything.

 24: Have you had much of an opportunity to perform live and how do you find that experience versus the recording process?

TS: I got to tell you live is 10 times better. I toured around with Free the Children’s We Day all across Canada, so I played in the ACC in Toronto, came to Vancouver and played Rogers Arena, then I went to the Saddledome in Calgary and the maximum would be 20,000 kids sitting in those arena going nuts. The energy you feed off of from that when you’re playing live makes the whole experience 10 times better. When you’re recording the song has a definite emotion to it and you really do get into it. I’m not saying that you don’t get into it live but in the studio it’s just you and a microphone.

24: If we have a conversation in five years, where is Tyler Shaw?

TS: I’m going to say successful because that’s my dream and I want it to happen. International artist, sure let’s say that, but a career in music, a full album, going on tours and honestly living my dream.

Tyler Shaw's Kiss Goodnight:

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