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Top 24 Under 24: Stephanie Wiriahardja, The Social Media Guru

By David P. Ball, 24 hours Vancouver

Stephanie Wiriahardja is one of our Top 24 Under 24. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Stephanie Wiriahardja is one of our Top 24 Under 24. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

This Saturday, participants at Vancouver's TEDxKids conference will learn about “personal branding” from a young woman who spends most of her time thinking about the topic.

Stephanie Wiriahardja, 24, knows that image is everything. But in today's web-connected world, the HootSuite education community manager said people must learn to use it wisely.

“The great thing about social media is that you have the option to put the best of yourself out there if you want,” she said. “But you have to take control of it.

“I have a passion for social media and personal branding ... Branding has always been attached to us, but never before has it mattered how you Tweet or what you upload about your personal life. It used to just be how you dressed and how you were perceived. People are on social media but many don't know how to use it well and to their advantage.”

Wiriahardja was also part of a college team which invented a wearable GPS guide for the visually impaired.

“We realized a lot of technology these days is pretty advanced, but a lot of it isn't geared to people who need it the most,” she said. “We started talking to friends who are visually impaired ... about what technology they wished existed.

“We were only able to do a prototype. Hopefully someone will take it on and improve it.”





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