DIY: Holy oven mitts, Batman! 0

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver


When it comes to home decor, women are from Venus and men are from somewhere decorated with old liquor bottles, double-entendre road signs and vintage posters of Bruce Willis movies.

Forgive me for generalizing, but the point is, when couples move in together, their solitary styles need to find some common ground.

This brings me to my latest project, the Batman oven mitt. The kitchen and its associated paraphernalia (aprons, pot holders) aren’t traditionally the most masculine of accessories, so when moving in with my boyfriend, I wanted our place to have a balanced mix of stuff suitable for both guys and gals. Also, my boyfriend just happens to love Batman.

This same crafting applique method can be applied to an apron or pillow for the batman fan, or used with a different motif. This is also a great DIY with which to try out your sewing machine for the first time (I discovered).


  • yellow felt
  • needle and thread
  • heat-resistant fabric
  • black cotton fabric
  • black fusible interfacing

How-to: Batman oven mitts

1. As a non-sewer, I’ve found the easiest way to sew anything is to copy something that’s sewn already. I based my oven mitt cover on a ghastly Christmas one I had laying around.

2. Batman applique: For the logo, I purchased light yellow felt from a sewing store, as well as black cotton fabric (no stretch), heat-resistant fabric and black fusible interfacing.

3. Print out your vintage Batman logo, and cut around the outside yellow circle, leaving the bat inside and intact.

4. Trace the Batman oval onto yellow felt and cut it out, and use it to cut out your other oval, so it’s even. Or cut them overlapping at the same time if you can.

5. Cut out the bat shape inside the paper Batman logo and trace or tape it onto your black cotton fabric two times (one for each oven mitt).

6. Iron your interfacing to the black fabric. Do a couple of test strips of ironing the fabrics to make sure it’s working properly, adjusting your heat and the time you leave it on until you get it right. Interfacing melts to the back of your fabric reinforcing it, but left ironed too long it can burn or develop marks. I put my iron on the wool/steam setting, placed the resin side of the fabric to the fusible side of the interfacing and with a damp dish towel between the iron and the fabric, pressed down firmly and held for 10-15 seconds without sliding the iron (so fabric doesn’t move around). After that time, lift the iron up and press down firmly in another location, overlapping areas and continue. When your area is done, leave it to cool completely.

7. When it’s cool, the glues will have hardened to your fabric, reinforcing it for what’s coming next!

8. I used very small scissors to carefully cut out the bat shape and the interfacing held it together nicely. Trim any stray threads.

9. As I’m a bad sewer, I hot glue gunned the black Batman shapes to the insides of the felt ovals.

10. Oven Mitt: Cut heat-resistant fabric (that looks like it’s for a space suit) into eight-inch squares. Use as many for each mitt as you deem necessary. Then using a sewing machine, sew big stitches around the edges, and through the middle. You can also hand-sew it together or recycle the thermal fabric from another oven mitt.

11. Iron your black cotton fabric (I neglected to do this) and cut out a nine-inch square and two pieces that are five-inches long, nine-inches wide (duplicate these directions for two oven mitts).

12. Fold over the edge of one of the smaller black pieces (the side that is five inches) about half an inch over itself and sew across (making a hem). Repeat for the other small black piece. (I used white thread to see what I was doing, you probably want black).

13. When you have both smaller pieces sewn, these are your flaps for the back of the oven mitt. Interlayer the flaps on top of the main piece, all inside out.

14. Pin pieces (I only had tape!) and sew with sewing machine or by hand.

15. Turn inside out and one oven mitt is complete! Duplicate these steps for the other.

16. When both oven mitts are completed, glue gun or sew the Batman applique on top. I glue gunned as I was tired of sewing at this point.



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