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Extreme measures women take to lose weight 0

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When it comes to fulfilling that New Year's resolution to lose weight, some women are going to extreme measures to see the number on the scale go down.

Just 6% of women who were surveyed said they are happy with their bodies, a new study from the Montreal-based website has found. Another 31% said they were moderately content, while the majority, 62%, said they were unhappy.

The women who are unhappy don't just diet - the study found they turn to other weight-loss methods, such as using diuretics, laxatives, herbal weight-loss supplements and diet pills; or even forcing themselves to throw up or fasting and starving themselves.

Ilona Jerabek, the president of PsychTests AIM Inc., which runs the website, said women who are unhappy with their bodies are often battling other demons.

"Unhealthy eating habits aside, women who are unhappy with their body often find themselves struggling with problems like low self-esteem, lack of self-disci

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