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Webb comes out of the trenches

By Joe Leary

Marianas Trench guitarist Matt Webb winds up his cross-Canada tour with a solo show March 27 in Vancouver at the Rio Theatre. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Marianas Trench guitarist Matt Webb winds up his cross-Canada tour with a solo show March 27 in Vancouver at the Rio Theatre. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Matt Webb takes a working holiday from Marianas Trench to promote his new release, Right Direction, a four-song EP showcasing the guitarist’s many talents. With his first cross-Canada solo tour starting next month, Joe Leary spent 24 Seconds with the Vancouver native.

24: When you’re so associated with a certain style or sound such as Marianas Trench, does that limit the range or sound that you can showcase as a solo project?

MW: Absolutely not. I actually went out of my way to showcase a completely different sound from Marianas. I'm a huge fan of 80s music; simple, driving grooves and stripped down production. I wanted to hear that in my record. As a solo artist there are absolutely no expectations. I did my very, very best and stayed true to myself and hopefully the fans will enjoy it. It’s rare these days to find a music listener who is entirely absorbed in only one demographic. Our fans have always been well educated musically and I feel like they'll be open to good songs regardless of what genre they lie in.

24: How have your fans responded to you as a solo artist?

MW: They were incredibly supportive. I'm so lucky to have a built in fan base from Marianas. I was so nervous to drop new, different sounding material on them, but they really embraced it. And for those who didn't, they were super respectful. That’s all I could ever ask - incredible human beings, those Trenchers.

24: What was the inspiration for Right Direction?

MW: Life, man. I've had three years of growing, hard touring, incredible personal and band experiences — plenty of stuff to reflect on. There ain't no writing words for the sake of writing words on this record, it’s all from the heart.

24: Do you feel you’ve grown more as an artist, being with the band as long as you have and now having a second solo CD?

MW: Absolutely. Marianas Trench is my family, we're brothers and I am who I am today because of those guys. We've gone through so much together. Everything you hear on Right Direction, every performance and sound and lyric and breath wouldn't be there without Josh (Ramsay), Mike (Ayley) and Ian (Casselman).

24: Going back to your youth, at what age did music click with you?

MW: Music clicked with me at a very young age. My folks stuck in me in piano lessons when I was probably five or six and I had the bug right away. I picked up the guitar when I was nine or 10 because I thought it looked cool. Now, I play it for a living. Pretty neat.

24: What are the plans for a solo tour and what can Vancouverites expect?

MW: Oh man, It’s gonna be so much freakin' fun to tour Right Direction across Canada. I've got a great group of buddies playing in my band. My guitarist and bass player play in an awesome Vancouver rock band called The Damn Fools), and my drummer is Carly Rae Jepsen's drummer. Cool! Plus these shows will be much smaller than MT shows, which is awesome because I'll have the opportunity to hang out and meet a ton of fans. Fake Shark — Real Zombie! and Jessica Lee will be joining us too, they will both knock your socks off. The Vancouver show is the last show of the tour, and my hometown show, meaning it’s gonna’ be amazing. Might have a few special guests join me on stage.

The Right Direction tour starts March 5th in Hamilton, ends March 27th in Vancouver. Tickets available here.



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