Strata changes a parking space to a bike room

By Tony Gioventu, 24 hours




Dear Tony: Our strata council have eliminated one of our visitor parking stalls and installed a secure cage for a bike room. Several owners have been asking for the change, and our council president is a pro-bike person, so we appreciate the decision, but how can council simply eliminate a parking space without the owners’ consent? We are already short on parking and owners are very unhappy about this decision.

Debbie K.

Dear Debbie: Before a strata corporation makes a significant change to the use or appearance of common property, they must first obtain a three-quarters vote resolution from the owners at a general meeting.

They must also have the approval for the funding required for the installation, and acquisition of the asset greater than $1,000 — although some bylaws may permit higher values.

But let’s put this issue into some perspective. On review of the minutes of Debbie’s last annual general meeting in March 2013, the owners unanimously approved eight resolutions for planned building repairs, and resolution 7 was for parking security upgrades and included the approval of the bike cage and the change of the parking space. It is always helpful to speak with your strata council directly and review the decisions of the owners of past meetings before you challenge your strata.

It is unfortunate that owners take such little interest in their investments.

At Debbie’s last AGM, only 20 of the 98 owners attended the meeting. It is difficult to challenge decisions when owners do not participate in their own strata business.


Tony Gioventu, Executive Director

Condominium Home Owners' Association (CHOA)


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