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Miley Cyrus kicks off bangin' Bangerz tour in Vancouver

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver

The strings of balloons, cotton candy and animal costumes should have been some indication this was Miley Cyrus’ party and she can grab her crotch if she wants to.

The controversy queen unleashed her highly anticipated and purportedly “educational” Bangerz tour on a packed, yet not sold out, Rogers Arena in Vancouver Valentine’s Day night.

An estimated 18,000-plus fans let out blood-curdling screams at the first sight of her floating head slowly rising up on the stage’s video screen. Dancers poured onto the stage as a door-sized opening emerged behind Cyrus’ video screen mouth to reveal a slowly thrusting tongue slide. The real-life Cyrus then came down this prop to get to the stage, finally making her entrance at around 8:30 p.m., mic in hand, to the tune SMS (Bangerz).

“Let me hear y’all make some f---king noise!” shouted MyCy to an adoring crowd that literally went bananas at every twerk (of which there were many).

Populating the throng were mostly dancing girls ages eight to eighteen. Cyrus’ signature mini pigtail buns were the hair trend of the night and the dress code was terrifyingly tramp for such an underage crowd: lots of twelve year olds in partly see-through bustiers, leather booty shorts and Pretty Woman cutout one-pieces.

Parents were notably getting in on Cyrus’ steez, including one bearded biker dad sporting the T-shirt: “I like the way you twerk.”

Hitting the stage with the Nashville native was most often a band of costumed animal dancers, professional twerkers (the L.A. Bakers) and a little person.

For Love Money Party, the singer rose out of the main stage draped over a life-sized gold toy car. The rims spun and it even drove out to the end of the stage where it rotated so everyone could see the business end of Cyrus’ twerking on all fours. Money also erupted from the wheels and it could have been real American cash as there wasn’t a lot of it and Cyrus later threw some to the crowd.

Her outfit for this number was a bedazzled marijuana long-sleeve body suit (thong) accessorized with a gold pot leaf necklace — apparently coincidental, Vancouver.

Supreme cheese and talent

There were a lot of goofy production elements, like the Ren and Stimpy Show-inspired cartoons, the entirety of FU where she is stalked by a giant orange puppet and the flying hot dog she rides to close out the show — but throughout, her undeniable singing talent managed to shine through.

Dancers left the stage several times for power ballads like her big hit Wrecking Ball that had every girl around me singing their hearts out and reaching towards the stage. It’s truly unfortunate the speakers blared horribly and didn’t do her live singing justice.

One of the show’s main highlights was the somewhat unplugged section. Appearing in the crowd towards the back, Cyrus and a small collection of her band performed Rooting For My Baby and country-style covers of Outkast’s Hey Ya, and Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Maybe the best part of the night.

The worst parts of the night were undoubtedly cringe-worthy crotch massages that took place during her performance of Do My Thang — and the ‘kiss cam.’ The latter prefaced with this: “You guys have been amazing so far, but I’m just going to need a bit more crowd participation … I want to see you guys make out.”

The stage’s screen lit up with live-feed of people in the crowd who were supposed to kiss while she sang Adore You. As this crowd was mostly young girls some couples made it on screen to suck face, but many seemed to be just friends (and tweens), who under incredible peer pressure (or for fun?) started making out anyway.

Word to your moms, she came to drop bombs

Interestingly, throughout the night the singer peppered her songs and commentary with equal parts expletives and “thank y’alls,” and managed to rock out for not one but two encores.

Overall an impressive show from a talented performer, but the dancing and production elements could have been a bit more sophisticated (not that any of her adoring fans were complaining).

As Cyrus’ Bangerz tour continues she will have ample opportunity to smooth out the kinks as Vancouver was just date No. 1 of 38 for North America before she heads over to Europe.

Set list:

SMS (Bangerz)


Love, Money, Party

My Darlin’

Maybe You’re Right


Do My Thang

Get It Right (#Getitright)

Can’t Be Tamed

Adore You


Acoustic Set featuring Rooting For My Baby, Outkast’s Hey Ya! cover, Dolly Parton’s Jolene cover


L. A. Bakers Twerk It Dance

On My Own

Someone Else


We Can’t Stop

Wrecking Ball

(Encore #2)

Party in the USA




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