Settling down worth the wait

By Amy Chan

Jonathan Flander and the fam. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Jonathan Flander and the fam. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

What do happy couples know? It seems a lot, as we ask local people to share their wisdom and lessons learned on life, love and secrets to a healthy relationship.

Name: Jonathan Flander

Occupation: Marketing executive

Relationship status: Husband to Tirajeh

What is love to you?

In its truest form, love is a very simple thing. I think what everyone wishes for, at some level, is unconditional love. You know very early on if someone you are with is capable of that and if you will be capable of loving them that way as well.

At what stage did you want to find someone to get serious with?

My single days were definitely fun times and I met girls who I dated, but I never really got to the point where I was thinking about settling down. When you are in that mode it’s easier to base who you are interested in on surface-level things like looks. I had a couple of pretty big life events that caused me to really reflect on the bigger picture and realized that maybe I was ready to meet someone that had the right personality traits to match with me. Someone that could keep up with me but still be the type of person you know always had the right intentions. As simple as it sounds, a genuinely nice person.

What do you love about Tirajeh the most?

She’s one of a kind. She exudes this positive energy that is genuine and everyone wants to be around it. She makes my day and everyone else’s day better. She has so much love to give – my son and I are very lucky.

Advice to single men?

Stay single until you get it out of your system. When you are in a relationship and you want to go out more than you want to stay with your partner, it’s a sign you aren’t ready to settle down. If that’s where your head and heart is at, embrace it and enjoy it. I think you can be honest about that – no need to lead anyone on.

What would your advice to your son be?

You will break many hearts but always be respectful and honest and true to your feelings. There’s always a way to carry yourself. And get married sooner than I did!

Advice to a future daughter?

If I’m ever lucky enough to have one I would tell her to never let anyone define her, that she needs to understand herself before she can be ready to meet someone. And that she should take a lot of time before she has her first date.





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