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Vancouver 12th in Canada for zombie survival

By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver



Vancouver didn’t even make the top-10 cities in Canada on the likeliness of its people surviving a zombie apocalypse, according to one blogger’s predictions.

Michael Ross, a University of Alberta graduate, ranked chances of surviving the apocalypse on his blog Extreme Enginerding based on a city’s proximity to military bases, average fitness, gun ownership and more.

Vancouver came in 12th.

The city’s distance to a Canadian Forces Base is 113 kilometres — and that includes taking a ferry — over to CFB Esquimalt.

Our average temperatures are also quite warm at 13.9 C. And being a major city, we have one of the higher population densities in the country.

On the plus side, the city is fit, with only 11.7% of the population being obese — the lowest figure of all 20 cities in the sample. More than half of us are also considered physically active.

Gun ownership — based on the number licences in a province — is low.

The moral of the story?

“Do live in a provincial capital,” Ross wrote. “They tend to have military bases and more often than not are large with relatively low density.”

Those living in St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador was found to be the most likely to survive. They have 14,295 gun licences per 100,000 in the province compared to B.C.’s 5,524. They’re also only four kilometres away from a military base.





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