Strata can take action against parking poachers

By Tony Gioventu, 24 hours

Strata can do more to enforce parking rules than post signage. (FOTOLIA)

Strata can do more to enforce parking rules than post signage. (FOTOLIA)


Dear Tony: Our Strata Corporation has a chronic problem with people parking in the visitor parking and blocking access to our emergency exit doors.

We have tried fining people and monitoring the area closely but the majority of people who illegally park in our visitor area are non-strata related users, just poaching free parking.

We have been advised by our property manager that unless we are prepared to install a gate, there is little we can do to prevent this problem.

What other alternatives are available to a Strata Corporation to bylaw enforcement. — Colleen K. North Vancouver

Dear Colleen: Strata Corporations are permitted by the Strata Property Act and Standard Bylaws to adopt measures that are beyond fining. A Strata Corporation is permitted to take reasonable action in bylaw enforcement to remove objects from the common property.

The authority for bylaw enforcement is created through bylaw amendments approved by the owners, so the best method in this circumstance is for the Strata Corporation to adopt a bylaw and initiate procedures for parking passes for residents and visitors and a penalty that can include towing of vehicles that are not identified.

Set up a contractual relationship with a dedicated towing company, and ensure that the area has proper signage that indicates the penalty for parking without permission, and includes the location and phone number of the towing company.

The Strata Corporation is not required to fine an owner or impose a penalty such as towing; however, if one or two vehicles are towed, word will spread quickly. Residents and their guests will cooperate and the council will have the authority to take action against the outside illegal users.


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