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Vancouver considers fining landlords for noise issues

By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver



"What I’m trying to do is increase the quality of life for everyone in those situations."

— Coun. Raymond Louie

Vancouver City Hall is investigating fining landlords for having “nuisance” properties that repeatedly require police to tell their occupants to pipe down.

Coun. Raymond Louie said the problems go beyond noisy parties at late hours.

“Some illegal activities might be occurring on site and other situations might arise because building managers aren’t, perhaps, appropriately managing buildings,” he said.

“What the bylaws in other jurisdictions look at is ways to fine these property owners.”

Louie said he was approached by the Grandview-Woodlands community policing centre to do something about excessive calls. Some addresses have had police show up more than 100 times, he said.

“(Owners) should ensure whomever they’re renting to meets the needs of the city as well. We can’t have these types of situations occurring on an ongoing basis.”

Louie said the intent isn’t just to punish landowners, but to complement the city’s existing online rental database, which already serves to help tenants find properly maintained residences with good landlords.

“This may be another tool we can put in place to help solve these nuisance problems, and at the same time release police from attending these nuisance calls.”






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