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Adam H. puts ‘artist’ back on musical resume

By Joe Leary

Adam H. is back as a recording artist. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Adam H. is back as a recording artist. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

A former recording artist turned film and music producer, Vancouver’s Adam Hurstfield — who goes by the name Adam H. — is back in the artist column with a new single, in which he teams up with singers Ray J and Elise Estrada. Joe Leary spent 24 Seconds with the multi-talented performer/producer.

24: What got you back in the studio as a performer?

AH: A friend of mine from Warner Television in L.A. called me and asked me to write a song for the TV series Dallas. I've written lots of songs for him in the past. He brought me on to the Hellcats TV series to be music producer and also connected me to do the same on another CW television pilot, so when he calls and asks for something, I always jump on it. He has been amazing to me. He asked me to write a song for a scene in a nightclub where the star of the show was being seduced at a VIP table by a vixen. I was in the studio with a writing partner and we stopped what we were working on to write for the series. In a matter of hours, MONEY+CHICKS+SEX+FAME was written. I sent the first rough to Warner TV and my friend messages me and says, ‘This song is great. It would be awesome to get Ray J on it as well.’ Knowing that I work with him, the idea was brilliant. I was in the middle of writing for Ray J’s new record so I sent him a rough of the song via email — he messaged me immediately saying that he loved it and would love to sing on it.

24: So how quickly were you able to turn it around?

AH: A few days later, I was on a plane to Los Angeles to produce Ray J and while we were recording music for his album, we spent an extra day/night in the studio cutting vocals on MONEY+CHICKS+SEX+FAME. While we were recording, the head of radio from the record company in the U.S. came to the studio. She heard this one and freaked out. ‘This is a monster hit,’ she kept saying. ‘This song will cross over in a huge way.’ All of a sudden, we all knew the song needed to be a single and not just a song for TV placement, but I was not planning on releasing my own single. We sent it to the label in Canada and everyone freaked out, but still, I traded in being a recording artist for being a producer years ago. It wasn't even a consideration. I lived my dream touring around the globe as a young artist. I got to perform in stadiums and have my songs on the charts, but that is not who I am anymore. I am a producer/songwriter and I run a label distributed by Universal Music. If I become an artist again, will I lose my credibility as a record exec? All of these things raced around my brain while trying to decide if it was the right move.

24: The song hits radio this week and iTunes worldwide next week. Are you nervous?

I am obviously nervous because I have not released anything from myself in years and who knows if people will embrace the song and me. I thought about releasing the song under a moniker, but my label insisted this has to be an Adam H. song. Finally, I thought ‘Let's dive in and see what happens.’ I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to take chances. I even named my son Chance. So here we are with a new single.





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