DIY: Geek-chic art using pumpkin stencils

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver


My brother and his girlfriend, both video game designers, are totally geek chic.

So when I had the opportunity to make them a house-warming present, I thought hip nerd art for their new apartment would be just what Doctor Who ordered.

The challenge was to craft something cool enough that they would actually hang up.

Iconic video game graphics are popular in a lot of today’s geeky home decor, but you have to be quite the artist to draw them by hand.

Enter the pumpkin stencil! Widely available on the Internet, in everything from Nintendo’s Bowser to George Bush, pumpkin stencils are perfect because they retain the character’s essence, but offer a simplified design that’s easy to cut. And they look even more impressive on canvas than on pumpkins.

Canvas plus stencil plus paint equals the perfect nerdy gift!


  • canvas (3)
  • stencils (Internet!)
  • black acrylic paint
  • gold spray paint
  • X-acto knife
  • tape

How to: geeky stencil art

1. Paint two canvases black and spray paint one canvas gold.

2. Carefully cut out chosen stencils using X-acto knife and tape in place on dry canvas.

3. Spray paint two gold stencils onto canvas.

4. Carefully paint one stencil onto canvas using black paint.

5. Remove stencils and let dry.

6. Enjoy the wall candy!

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