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By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver


In support of Canada’s emerging maker community, Absolut recently launched MakerFest — an interactive celebration featuring artists, inventors, tinkerers and resourceful DIYers from across the country. 

In Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal “maker spaces” showcased Absolut bottle hacks and designs battling head-to-head in a public vote.

There were handcrafted carrying cases in leather and wood, an on-site do-it-yourself bottle art display that changed colour via social media, and even a robot “Bar Bot” built to make drinks.

Inspired by the fine craftsmanship at Vancouver’s event, I tried out my own Absolut maker project: Absolut bench.

How to: Absolut bench

The Absolut bench was a cinch to make, turned out beautifully and can also double as a shoe shelf.


- acrylic paint (white)

- stencil

- 4 empty Absolut bottles

- No More Nails adhesive (or screws, or glue)

- foam paint roller or dabber

- wooden plank

1. I picked up my piece of pine at Hope Depot for $10 (3/4” x 12” x 36”)

2. Reusing a foam paint roller as a dabber, I dabbed white paint onto the wood using a stencil. I was a bit sloppy on purpose, I like the rough-around-the-edges look.

3. After you finish the wood, clean four Absolut bottles and let dry.

4. You can either paint your bottles or leave them clear, but make a pencil mark where the lids will go and glue/drill on the lid. If you want the bottle to line up a certain way, I would adhere the bottles to the wood with the lid attached.

5. That’s it! Enjoy your Absolut table that took you an hour to make!

6. Full disclosure: Thankfully for my liver, Absolut gave me four empty bottles for this project.  

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