DIY: The two-step tee

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver


At some point in your life, you will be in a last-minute, themed-T-shirt-required situation. And it is at this crucial moment that knowing how to whip up a respectable garment for the occasion can take you from party pooper to party trouper.

T-shirting can be a messy business with the ironing on of letters or the screenprinting of images. That is unless you have spray fabric paint and stick-on stencils.

In honour of Vancouver’s LGBTQ festivities, (and Toronto, consider yourself prepared for next year), I give you directions to make a glorious PRIDE parade shirt in under five minutes.

How to: PRIDE T-shirt

1. Stick reusable stencil mask peel-away letters on washed T-shirt.

2. Spray with fabric paint as desired. And we’re done!

Tip: Test out your fabric spray bottles beforehand, as each one of mine sprayed in a different pattern. To get splatters, half press the plunger. To get a mist, press down all the way. Also, putting a piece of cardboard inside the shirt is highly recommended to both keep the shirt taut while you work on it and keep fabric paint from seeping through to the other side.

Important note: The paint dries lighter (a day later) than it appears upon application.

Alternate option: You can use the spray fabric paint with regular stencils as well! And with sprays you can fade colours in for a cool ombre effect. (See ‘love’ typewriter shirt example.)

Materials you will need:

- T-shirt

- Fabric spray paint (neon)

- Stencil mask peel-away letters (a.k.a. sticky stencils, found at Michaels)


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