Vintage cruiser makeover Part 1

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver


Years ago I bought an authentic vintage cruiser off a foreign student for $99.

It was painted red with poorly applied blue racing stripes and a matching blue basket. The bike was covered in rust patches, visibly dented from being hit by a car and the brakes didn’t work. But on the plus side it was too rough looking to be an immediate target for Vancouver’s notorious bike thieves and the basket was the perfect size for a six-pack.

I love my bike, but years later it’s still in desperate need of a makeover.

This week, I take you through Part 1 of my bike’s glorious transformation!


• Tin foil

• Tremclad Rust


• Sand paper

• Wire brush

How to:

1. Wash bike thoroughly.

2. To remove rust, use wet tin foil instead of steel wool. It really works! Aluminum foil is softer than steel, so it won’t scratch up your frame and it polishes!

3. Take bike apart piece by piece, keeping track of all your hardware (I taped mine to a sheet of paper and made notes).

4. Remove paint with sand paper/wire brush.

5. Cover everything but the frame and spray on Rust Reformer (this black coat converts rust to a protected and paintable surface).

6. Tune in next week for Part 2!


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