Young Liars big on tech tools

By Joe Leary

The Young Liars have released their first full-length CD, Tidal Wave. 

The Young Liars have released their first full-length CD, Tidal Wave. (SUBMITTED)

Signed to Nettwerk Records, indie pop band Young Liars have just released their first full-length CD, Tidal Wave. Joe Leary spent 24 Seconds with singer/guitarist Jordan Raine

24: How and when did the band form?

JR: Andrew, Ty, and I met in early 2008 when we were all looking for something new and exciting. After the band we were in took a permanent hiatus, we continued on as a three piece. We searched Craigslist for a second guitar player and soon found one named Angelo. After a few months jamming, he invited Wesley out and suddenly we had a keyboard player. After playing in many different bands, we were ecstatic to play together right from the start. The band has gone through many changes over the years, but it has always felt great to play with such wonderful friends.

24: It’s taken quite a bit of time to release your first full-length CD. What was the process like?

JR: After releasing the Homesick Future EP in early 2012, we were excited to begin the next album and spent the next six months writing ideas and choosing our favourite pieces. By the end of summer we began tracking in the studio with Tyler Johnson. Recorded over evenings and weekends, by the winter the album was ready to mix. We left the studio for the next month to listen through mixes, make notes, and come back to the songs with fresh ears and in early 2013 we began mixing and tweaking. We've always had a difficult time deciding when to call a song finished and spent the next few months fine tuning — and in some cases, completely revamping — songs. An Odyssey Love was one such song. The bridge came out of a late-nighter where Wes and Tyler Johnson began hacking and adding parts. In fact, the drum track was originally intended for another section but sat perfectly beneath the new bridge. In May, the final mixes were sent to The Exchange for mastering by Mike Marsh and masters were delivered shortly after in June. After working through timelines for release, Nettwerk and the band decided on June 2014. After such a process, we’re absolutely thrilled to share it with everyone.

24: Young Liars has been described as synth-driven indie pop. Does that adequately fit?

JR: We enjoy pop music with depth. The kind of music that expertly combines listenability with cleverness. Some of our favourite tools are synths and other music technology like Ableton. Whenever we sit down to write we work to create music we love with the tools we love. To that extend, I think synth-driven indie pop expresses that sentiment fairly well.

24: How collaborative is the songwriting process within the group?

JR: Wes and I constantly send ideas back and forth. We share a Dropbox where rough recordings and scratch sessions are uploaded. We tend to work on an idea in isolation until we’re happy with it or stuck on it and then the other person takes over. Other times, Ty or Andrew will send a seed of an idea — a drum beat or bass line — and we’ll work that into a song. When it comes time for more interesting drum and bass parts, the song goes through a few jam sessions until we find a groove we like. A lot of times it then goes back into Ableton or Logic for further hacking and fiddling.

24: How is the band in a live environment?

JR: Live performance is something we've been focusing on especially because the thing we love most is going to see a good live performance. We're energetic but reserved on stage. Typically in accordance with the vibe of the song. We always like to finish the show with a song that was written long before the band even had a name. Every time we play it, it's completely different and is the heaviest, most upbeat song in our repertoire. It's varies in speed and intensity. We find it fun to see how the audience reacts each time.


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