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Trudeau should avoid Emery support

By Bill Tieleman, News, Views, and Attitude – 24 hours

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. (FILE PHOTO)

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. (FILE PHOTO)

"With marijuana being such a big issue, I think I could be a really good spokesperson to defend Justin Trudeau from all the attacks.” — Jodie Emery, marijuana activist and potential Liberal candidate

The self-proclaimed “Prince and Princess of Pot” – marijuana advocates Marc Emery and wife Jodie – plan to help federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, but that may instead make his chances of becoming prime minister go up in smoke.

Marc returns to Canada from a Louisiana jail today after a stiff five-year sentence for dealing marijuana seeds into America by mail.

Meanwhile, Jodie is anxiously awaiting word from a Liberal Party – ahem – “green-light“ committee if she can run for Trudeau against veteran Vancouver East New Democrat MP Libby Davies, ironically a champion for decriminalization.

And the Emerys announced they will exact “political revenge” on Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper by touring across Canada urging voters to support Trudeau in the 2015 election because he promises to legalize marijuana.

But Trudeau should distance him from the couple’s “joint” campaign because the Liberals’ chance of winning an election with them at his side is a pipe dream.

The Emerys are one-trick ponies with the marijuana issue — regularly changing political stables to further their cause without any loyalty whatsoever to either the party or its leader.

They’ve backed the Marijuana Party, the NDP and the Greens – with Jodie running in 2009 and 2013 for the B.C. Green Party – but now it’s the Liberals.

Helpful? Last year, Trudeau said Marc was “flat-out lying” about claims he had smoked marijuana with him four or five times on several different occasions.

"I've never done it except with people I know and trust. And Marc Emery was someone I met but certainly not someone I ever thought of smoking with," Trudeau said in August 2013.

Emery publicly apologized last year – but still claims he smoked up with Trudeau once – Trudeau says no.

But Marc allegedly “helped” late NDP leader Jack Layton in 2008, telling media that he had an informal deal with Layton to bring Marijuana Party supporters to the NDP.

Layton denied it: “There never was any kind of a deal.”

All of which makes Jodie Emery a pretty tarnished “star” candidate and the Emerys’ high-handed, self-promotional and dubious approach one no party should accept.

Bill Tieleman is a former NDP strategist. Read more at http://billtieleman.blogspot.com Email: weststar@telus.net. Twitter: @BillTieleman


Do you think Marc and Jody Emery supporting the federal Liberals will help or hurt Justin Trudeau?

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