DIY: Vintage cruiser makeover Part 2

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver


Last week, I introduced my epic bike project, Old Rusty, and this week I give you the big reveal! If I could stress one thing you’ll need for this project above all else, it’s patience. 


• Primer

• Pistachio spray paint

• Clear coat

• Water bottle

• Vinegar

• Sandpaper

How to:

1. As we pick up on Part 2, you’ve already removed the paint and sprayed it with Tremclad Rust Reformer to stop rust in its tracks and prepare the surface for paint.

2. Outside, prime the pieces of your disassembled bike and let it dry as per the primer’s instructions. If it says it’s fully dry in 24 hours, actually wait 24 hours before you paint over it.

3. Finding the colour you want in spray paint is not easy, as every year there are only certain colours available in each line. I hunted all over Vancouver before I found this one at Micheals. Krylon also has a cool banana-like yellow and blue in this colour palette. Spray paint using Krylon metal spray paint in Pistachio and let dry. My paint is actually a primer plus paint, so primer can be optional, but I used it on the frame for added durability.

4. Lightly sand any imperfections using a fine grade sandpaper (180-100). Touch up with Pistachio if necessary. Note: Let your paint cure for the full 48 hours before you apply the clear coat. Wait even longer if you can.

5. Seal with Tremblad clear coat gloss.

6. Remove rust from nuts and bolts by letting it sit in vinegar overnight (see pop bottle). You pour just enough vinegar to cover the nuts and bolts in the bottle, shaking from time to time and then leave it overnight for best results. This even takes off old paint.

7. Reassemble your bike with care! Tip: Detailed before photos showing the bike put together are crucial and will save you paying someone else to put it back together. I put my bike back together, but because of its car accident I got it checked over by a bike shop just in case.

8. Accessorize with pretty wicker basket and you’re ready to cruise in style! 

*Note: The front fender in this photo is on backwards. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out, where were you two days ago?! Learn from my mistakes people!

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