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Keep oil in Canada: Mulcair

By Sara Norman

Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. (FILE PHOTO/QMI AGENCY)

Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. (FILE PHOTO/QMI AGENCY)

Job creation in B.C. isn’t dependent on shipping oil to international markets, according to federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. The opposition leader says keeping oil sands products within the country would still boost the economy and keep people working.


Mulcair was in Vancouver Tuesday following a meeting with officials from Kitimat and the Haisla First Nation, along with a visit to the Douglas Channel.

He expressed his surprise at the plan to ship oil internationally on super tankers from the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline through a difficult-to-navigate waterway.

Meanwhile, Employment Minister Jason Kenney claims exporting oil resources is important for Canada to create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, but Mulcair calls that a fallacy. Keeping oil resources in Canada would create at least 40,000 jobs across the country, Mulcair said.

“Instead of paying $50 more per barrel in the east to import from countries like Algeria, for goodness sakes use the Canadian oil there and refine it, upgrade it and provide the jobs in Canada,” he said.

Mulcair didn’t say how shipping oil east would help replace jobs the proposed pipeline would create in B.C. Kenney claims that in addition to employment opportunities, shipping oil internationally would garner “hundreds of billions of dollars of tax revenue that can build hospitals, schools, and pay for our future pensions.”


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