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The Deadset energetic ... and creepy

By Joe Leary



With a new single called Honestly being released this week, pop-punk band The Deadset are set to make their mark on the local indie scene. Joe Leary spent 24 Seconds with JT Criminal and Steven Van Royalty.

24: How did the concept of The Deadset come about?

JT: I was trying to find new members for my existing band Ready Set Die and wasn’t having much luck. Steve played in a pop-punk band previously that turned into a heavier band, but as soon as we started playing together we immediately knew it couldn’t be Ready Set Die anymore — it was definitely something new and so The Deadset began.

24: How long have you been doing this?

JT: We have been playing music together for nearly three years now.

24: What would you say are your musical inspirations?

JT: It all started with Queen and Paula Abdul for me. Nowadays, I just love something that reminds me there’s still a heart beating inside my chest. Like Lana del Rey's new album Ultra Violence, for instance.

Steve: Blink 182, Paramore, Panic at the Disco and cheeseburgers … pizza for sure, and pickle back shots.

24: How do you describe your sound?

JT: This is a weird one cause I know I probably don’t hear us the way other people do. I wanna say energetic and creepy, but also fun?

Steve: Fun, eccentric, fast-paced with a slight punk edge and attitude … So pretty much like Metallica.

24: Tell us about the new single.

JT: It’s definitely one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written lyrically. “Honestly.” No, but seriously and most importantly. Honestly, this song as much as I joke around is a serious song about being bullied and beaten down emotionally, and I hope I can inspire someone else to live through a mess such as that and still be OK. It can be done. I’m proof. Ha!

Steve: The new single has turned out strong and confident in the sense that we have now both found our direction as a band and with the collaboration with Nigel we have now really left no stone unturned and put everything we have forward to create great, catchy tunes.

24: You have a trilogy of EPs you’re about to launch. Why not go with a full album?

JT: So many reasons I suppose, but mainly not as an artist but as a fan I love it so much when I can get something to chew on constantly and it’s kind of fun really to be like ‘Here’s three new songs’ and then as soon as you can sing along, ‘Here’s more.’

Steve: Our goal is to keep things fresh and relevant and not to keep our fans waiting.

24: How hard is it for a relatively new band to get noticed?

JT: It’s incredibly hard. We recently attended and performed in Canadian Music Week 2014 and everyone we spoke to was telling us starting out in Vancouver specifically was a challenge. It’s nothing we are afraid of. We love hard work and it’s even more challenging when no one really gets to see how hard we are working. However, we aren't the type to get discouraged. It turns into more fuel for our fire, ha.

Steve: It's super hard. But with JT’s stubborn and almost God-like persistence, mixed with my fiery good looks, anything is possible.


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