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Vancouver blog celebrates going solo

By Jane Deacon

A Vancouver blogger says there’s nothing wrong with spending Christmas alone. 

A Vancouver blogger says there’s nothing wrong with spending Christmas alone. (fotolia)

If you’re planning to spend Christmas by yourself this year, you’re likely not alone.

Roughly 4.5% of B.C. residents report having no close friends or family members, finds recently released data collected by Statistics Canada in 2013.

Meanwhile, 5% of residents say they won’t be partaking in the typical holiday activities this year – having dinner with family and friends or buying gifts, as examples – according to a recent poll conducted by Insights West.

For Vancouver resident Arika London, spending Christmas by yourself can be an opportunity, not a disappointment.

Earlier this year, she launched Christmasolo, a blog dedicated to ideas and inspiration for those spending the holiday alone.

“I think there’s a real stigma around being alone and then the pressure of the holidays, it just magnifies that stigma,” she said. “I think that sometimes holidays like this can actually be a time for us to enhance who we are, and there’s nothing wrong with having an inward celebration and doing the things that we like.”

For those on their own this year — whether by choice or by circumstances — London’s blog encourages experiences that involve reflection, appreciation and introspection, things that are often easier to do when you’re alone, she says. Activities like preparing your favourite meal or spending the day doing whatever you’re most passionate about can be more fulfilling by yourself.

“When wilderness explorer John Muir discovered a new plant he would sometimes sit down beside it for a whole day,” she said. “That is how I feel about my Christmas tree this year and I’ll be spending time with it and will be immersed in music and deep spiritual reflection. I’ll probably be cooking an Indian dinner with freshly ground spices and chutneys, and will bask in the warmth of the candles that I let burn all day long.

“Being alone on the 25th is an opportunity to unwrap yourself and luxuriate in the intricacies of your relationship to life itself,” she said.


How would you feel about spending Christmas day alone?

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