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Vancouver's Active Fiction Project strikes again

By Patrick Colvin

As Above, So Below is the latest installation of the Active Fiction Project.
Photo submitted

As Above, So Below is the latest installation of the Active Fiction Project. Photo submitted

The activities of reading and walking have blended together once again by the Active Fiction Project in their latest narrative art installation, As Above, So Below.

The new installation, set up last week, begins at a bus stop at Main Street and East 28th Avenue, just east of the intersection. It’s a “choose your own adventure” style story where the reader becomes the protagonist, reading chapters creatively placed around the neighbourhood and making choices at the end of each chapter that leads the reader on an adventure around Riley Park.

“It’s a unique way of experiencing the intersection of fiction and reality, and the choose your own adventure model really helps to explore that line,” said Active Fiction Project founder Jaspal Marwah. “You don’t know where you’re going to end up walking through the story.

“I think it’s a pretty unique way of getting to know either your neighbourhood or a new neighbourhood, if you’re not familiar with the area.”

As Above, So Below is the first Active Fiction Project story to go up this year, starring you the reader, as you uncover a devious plot by a group of surprising rascals that ties into two current topics of discourse in Vancouver — high-density development and garbage.

“I wanted it to be fun, I wanted people to try and kind of suspend their disbelief a little bit and kind of bring a sense of play,” said story author Britt Huddart. “I think we get really stuck getting from point A to point B in the city and we focus on purpose-driven movement, and it gives you an opportunity to go for a stroll and break out of that, and enjoy the city you live in for more than your job, or the grocery store.”

Huddart wants to encourage anyone who takes the adventure to share their stories on Instagram or twitter using #activefic.


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