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Vancouver startups talk digital health technology

By Patrick Colvin

Vancouver startup Vitalsines’ new iHeart product. 
Photo by Mike Marin

Vancouver startup Vitalsines’ new iHeart product. Photo by Mike Marin

Local tech entrepreneurs believe digital technology will revolutionize health care in the next decade — and they’re be sharing those insights with Vancouver’s startup community today.

“I think it will revolutionize the way we will see the human body, the information that will come from technology that will be developed in the next five to 10 years will definitely give us a full 24/7 view of the human body that will provide us with the information that will change the way we treat health,” said Vitalsines CEO Sarah Goodman, who will be showcasing her company’s new iHeart product at the event.

The discussion is part of Vancouver Startup Week and features a local startups developing digital health products and services.

“We have the ability to derive information from just a tiny fingertip sensor, or a light on the skin, to figure out different stress signals and things like that,” said Goodman. “And those are devices and technologies that will be available to everyone and it’s only going to get cheaper over time and more available which is really cool and exciting.”

One example is Vitalsines’ new product, which Goodman says can take a measurement of aortic stress in 30 seconds from a fingertip sensor that sends the information to an iPhone app. She said that before this product, it required a $25,000 machine, skilled technicians, and “all these crazy sensors on your body” to get the same information.

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