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Groups call on B.C. to develop climate leadership plan

By Patrick Colvin

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.
Postmedia Network

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. Postmedia Network

Rachel Notley caught the attention of organizations in B.C. last Sunday with the announcement of Alberta’s new Climate Leadership Plan, and now groups from across B.C. are calling on Premier Christy Clark to be equally ambitious with our own climate initiatives.

“Alberta did something unimaginable this past weekend and announced an incredible climate plan for the province, including capping emissions from tar sands and putting a price on carbon, and so we’re looking to B.C. to come up with something equally as bold and ambitious,” said Pembina Institute program director Karen Tam Wu.

The Pembina Institute, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and Urban Development Institute Pacific Region are spearheading a campaign calling on the provincial government to implement bold new measures as part of their own Climate Leadership Plan.

They sent their Call for Action on Energy and Climate to the provincial government on Nov. 24, which had 145 signatories representing over 1,000 companies, organizations, and municipalities from across the province.

Signatories include the cities of Vancouver, Victoria, and Powell River as well as groups like the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union and Clean Energy BC.

“I think it’s important to recognize that there is no one silver-bullet solution,” said Wu.

“We really need to make sure that B.C comes out with a strong package of solutions, we’re looking at things like upping the carbon tax, courting emissions from buildings and homes, electrifying our transportation, and re-imagining the LNG industry.”

A detailed draft of B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan is expected to be released in December.

“It’s a powerful message and I think the premier should be energized and buoyed by that,” said Urban Development Institute president Anne McMullin. “I think going to Ottawa with those (145) signatories behind her she has the opportunity to take a leadership role.”