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Busting slump revives Horvat's future

By Guts McTavish, 24 hours Vancouver

Bo Horvat scores. 

Bo Horvat scores. REUTERS

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to roll a boulder up a hill only to have it roll all the way back as he neared the top.

That slice of mythology reminds me of Bo Horvat's uphill struggle the first three months of the season. Only Horvat managed to dig in and finally push that boulder right over the top. In your face Sisyphus.

Honestly, it's like the sophomore jinx factory burned to the ground last week. In four games, he had four goals and two assists.

Horvat was like a bull in a china shop the past few weeks, but with some seriously soft hands. The more he had the puck at speed the more dangerous he became.

He grabs the puck at full speed at mid-way and believes he can beat the defender on the outside. This type of aggressive offensive play has to be encouraging to the bench boss.

Credit to Willie Desjardins, who has stuck with Horvat while yells of third-line-centre-at-best echoed online.

Over the last few weeks, I saw the beginning of a future first, or at the very least, second-line centre. That was a hard case to make during Horvat's depressing 27-game goalless streak.

No more lengthy slumps for Horvat, he's seen more than enough NHL action to contribute on a regular basis.

Even if he has to use that speed to walk a defender and do it himself.  

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