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Speeding Maserati driver berates cop

By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver

Maserati Quattroporte cars are pictured at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Maserati Quattroporte cars are pictured at the Frankfurt Motor Show. REUTERS

A Maserati-driving man pulled over by Vancouver police for clocking 100 km/h in a 50 zone with his two four-year-old daughters in the backseat has had his complaint that the officer left his family stranded in the cold dismissed.

The complaint doesn’t name the person making the allegations, but the father claimed that officers left his family facing a long walk to a nearby mall, after having the car impounded for excessive speeding on Southeast Marine in late 2015.

“There needs to be formal review of this process and the direct conduct of this specific officer and his actions,” the complainant wrote in his submission, adding he would like the officer to be reprimanded.

“There needs to be rules in place to ensure the safety of children and families in situations like this.”

On the afternoon of Oct 18, 2015, a police officer in the 2200 block of SE Marine pulled over a grey Maserati travelling at double the speed limit.

“When the driver recognized he would receive the ticket and his car was to be impounded, he became verbally abusive by using demeaning language towards the officer,” wrote Sgt. Tan Tran in the department’s response.

The officer, who noticed the man’s two sleeping daughters in their car seats in the back, offered to call a taxi.

“The driver refused the offer, gathered his belongings, and moved his daughters onto the sidewalk where he berated the police officer with profanities before walking away.”

The father said the incident left his daughters traumatized and that he will be getting “private legal advice” to deal with the matter.

“The complainant states that he had to walk with his children, carrying car seats and luggage, to a nearby mall to call for a pick-up,” Tran wrote.

“VPD officers do not have a legal responsibility to ensure the driver and passengers of an impounded vehicle arrive at their eventual destination ... While the conditions may have been unpleasant, they cannot be considered dangerous.

“In fact, the actions of the driver, travelling 100 km/h on a wet city road, provided the greatest risk to his daughters’ safety.”

The temperature that day was 13.2 Celcius. There was also a light drizzle.