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Designer’s clothing set for Oscars showcase

By Eric MacKenzie

Heidi Smith (front) will be showcasing her shirts to the stars next weekend.

Heidi Smith (front) will be showcasing her shirts to the stars next weekend. Submitted

Heidi Smith’s long road to recovery includes a stop at the Academy Awards — which the Vancouver fashion designer calls a “dream come true.”

Smith is headed to Hollywood next week, where she will hand-deliver products from her Addictive Designs clothing line to more than 100 celebrities attending the Oscars gift lounge.

But the chance to showcase her shirts to the stars is about more than simply getting brand exposure — she’s celebrating how far she’s come.

Addictive Designs launched after Smith’s 25-year battle with addiction to multiple substances, culminating with her then-four-year-old son being removed from her custody, and subsequent recovery. Her graphic T-shirts and tank tops feature inspiring, reflective messages.

“A lot of times you hear people stay focused on the addiction part, and us who have chosen to recover and work hard on ourselves sometimes get overlooked,” said Smith. “We cannot do it alone and I’m really trying to break the stigma and the shame around it ... I want people to know there is a solution and that if I can do it, anybody can do it.”

The day before the ceremony, Smith and the producers of other featured goods will get the chance to meet with actors and other film-industry leaders to detail their products. Although the “swag” has traditionally included high-end luxury products, there are others like Smith with smaller-scale operations.

A celebrity backing one of the products can be a major boost. Smith said she is planning to target entertainers who have similar stories of recovery and may connect with her message.