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Vancouver council expenses released

By Eric MacKenzie



Coun. Heather Deal racked up the most expenses among Vancouver councillors in 2015, while Coun. Geoff Meggs spent the least on official business.

That’s according to a city report detailing remuneration and expenses for each council member that will appear before the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities this week.

When combining local expenses, travel and conferences, and transportation allowance, Deal’s total came to $14,200. Coun. Andrea Reimer, who was deputy mayor in 2015, ranked second with expenses totalling $13,749, while Coun. Adriane Carr also surpassed $13,000 in billings.

Meggs’s council-low total of $5,401 was despite him recording the most local expenses ($4,434), but he was one of two councillors who did not take an annual transportation allowance of $4,254 — Reimer being the other.

The report provides expense breakdowns in only the travel and conferences sector, which Reimer topped among councillors at $10,975. That included a six-day trip to Paris for the Convergences World Forum in September at a cost of $2,839 — a sustainability-focused event that Reimer described as “inspiring.” Reimer added that lining up Vancouver’s participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris later in the year was part of her trip there and elsewhere in 2015.

“The feedback I got from people who were at COP 21 was that the only city more visible than Vancouver was Paris, so that meant that I did the job I needed to do in September,” said Reimer.

Unsurprisingly, Gregor Robertson’s expenses far outstripped those of any councillor. The Vancouver mayor’s total came to $39,153, with $22,039 spent on travel and conferences, $9,663 on local expenses and a $7,451 transportation allowance.