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Museum teaching zombie survival skills

By Eric MacKenzie

Learn survival skills in case of the unthinkable.

Learn survival skills in case of the unthinkable. REUTERS

British Columbians can be fully prepared for a zombie takeover thanks to a series of workshops being hosted by Victoria’s Royal BC Museum.

Developed in partnership with environmental group Living the New Economy, the hands-on “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” gatherings focus on survival skills that may come in handy when the dead ultimately inherit the earth.

The next session, taking place Wednesday, will focus on tools, while further seminars on different topics are planned for April and May.

Kim Gough, learning program developer for the museum, said “reawakening lost skills” that humans have used for generations and are environmentally friendly is the idea behind the series.

“(We) tried to find some interesting people in our community who know about these things and can share some skills in a way that’s fun and interactive,” said Gough.

“In an apocalypse, if I’m right, we may not have access to things like power, fresh food and services that we rely on. So it’s a fun way of re-phrasing this.”

Grant Keddie, the museum’s curator of archaeology, will lead Wednesday’s workshop on tools. He’ll be touring participants past relevant artifacts in the museum collection, then show attendees how to sharpen stones and shells into functional items.

“If there really were a zombie apocalypse, he’s definitely someone I’d want to (stick) with because he can make something out of nothing,” said Gough.

A clothing seminar on April 13 and shelter workshop on May 11 will also include hands-on activities featuring different presenters from the community, said Gough.

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