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Science World hosts day to celebrate Expo 86

By Brian Horstead

Science World as it was being built for Expo 86. 

Science World as it was being built for Expo 86. SUBMITTED

With the 30th anniversary of Expo 86 drawing near, TELUS World of Science is planning a day of celebration for May 1 to mark the event.

“[As the former Expo Centre] we realized we had to do something and most likely people expect us to do some sort of expo anniversary,” said Science World’s senior projectionist, Andreas Dracopol.

In May 1986, Vancouver was host to the second world’s fair to be held in Canada, and the theme of “transportation and communication” is the reason Vancouver has its signature SkyTrain today.

Science World has a few exhibits and events planned to celebrate the anniversary, including three free showings in the OMNIMAX Theatre of A Freedom to Move, a film that premiered during, and ran throughout, Expo 86.

There will also be three showings of Bob Rogers’ 1986 film Rainbow War, which was created for, and shown during, Expo 86.

While not everything is set in stone just yet, Dracopol is confident there will be some interesting involvement from various clubs and societies.

“The Vancouver LEGO Club will probably set up some kind of transportation themed exhibit … and the Transit Museum Society of Vancouver will be bringing some vintage buses,” said Dracopol.

Among the relics on display will be an assortment of Expo 86 memorabilia donated by one of the largest collectors of expo memorabilia in Vancouver.