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100 years for man who drowned stepdaughter in pool

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(Robert Daly/Getty Images)

(Robert Daly/Getty Images)

A man who was captured on video drowning his three-year-old stepdaughter in a swimming pool has been sentenced to 100 years in jail.

The terrifying CCTV footage shows the killer, identified only as Jose David N., throwing the child into the water at a hotel in Morelia, Mexico on Aug. 15, 2015, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows the little girl, who couldn't swim, struggling to keep her head above water. All the while, the killer stands at the side of the pool watching. Other bathers that are present do nothing to stop the heinous crime.

A second part of the video shows the stepdad holding her underwater by her hair and, at one point, throws her a life buoy but she is too weak to grab it.

The mother, who was sleeping in a hotel room during the horrific event, came down to find the little girl not breathing.

She was rushed to hospital but could not be resuscitated.

WARNING: video contains graphic content