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Check out Legend Football Club's top 20 lingerie-clad players of 2016

By Brad Hunter, 24 Hours

Warning: The first video contains coarse language!

How about this all-star team of temptresses?

The Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) has named its top 20 hottest players of 2015, TMZ reports.

Leading the pack is Adrian Purnell of the Atlanta Steam -- and she’s tough too! She once slugged a coach during a bench-clearing brouhaha.

The eight-team league essentially follows the same rules as the NFL -- the stars just wear a lot less clothing.

The LFL recently completed its 2016 season with the Chicago Bliss downing the Seattle Mist 31-26 to capture the Legends Cup.

These glamazons of the gridiron are playing for the love of the game. Most go unpaid and must pay for their own insurance.

But not everyone approves of the league.

Fashion commentator Mel Campbell sniffed to The Guardian she worried about players “cuts and grazes from grinding and bashing their bare skin again helmets, padding or hard artificial turf.”

She wondered whether fans (men) enjoy see women getting “broken wrists, shoulders, ribs or necks.”