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ISIS murdering their own frightened members trying to make a run for it

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(chingraph/Getty Images)

(chingraph/Getty Images)

Death cult ISIS is now murdering it own members who’ve had enough of jihad.

Sickening accounts reported by the U.K. Daily Star revealed that a dozen former ISIS members were lined up in the town square of its stronghold, Raqqa, and executed.

In front of hundreds, they had their throats slit in a frenzy of evil.

“The ISIL (another term for ISIS) military leadership has publicly beheaded 12 of its own militants for evacuating their posts at the battlefront in eastern Syria without permission,” a source told the newspaper.

“The militants were executed on Tuesday evening in front of hundreds of people in central Raqqa.”

As ISIS’ long-lusted dream of a caliphate is obliterated by allied airstrikes and special operations, it appears to be turning on itself.

Meanwhile, ISIS has also been accused of massacring more than 100 civilians who were fleeing for their lives, the London Daily Mirror says.

The monsters released a video showing the fiendish murdering of men, women and children whom ISIS consider kuffar (non-believers).

The video shows blindfolded men forced to their knees in trenches, then shot in the back of the head after a lecture.