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Michael Buble talks about new album 'Nobody But Me'

By Jane Stevenson, Postmedia Network

Michael Buble plays three characters in the Dating Game-like video for the title track from his new album, Nobody But Me, out Friday.

He’d like to pursue acting more seriously one day but for now he’s keeping his day job.

‘Yes I would, but I think now I’m a golden goose for people, for a record company, for management teams,” he said.

“You try to not to think of yourself as a brand but when you play arenas, and you sell 55 million records, people are making money. And so there’s nothing in it for them to take two months off to get paid nothing to make a movie. For them it’s like, ‘Well, why would you do that?’”

Speaking of Buble’s brand, he also launched a new fragrance, By Invitation, in August and a concert film, Michael Buble: Tour Stop 148 ,in September while his wife, Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato, is in Buenos Aires making a movie with their two sons, Noah, 3, and Elias, 10 months, in tow.

All that while recovering from surgery in June after he suffered a vocal hemorrhage after recording the last Nobody But Me song, Someday, with Meghan Trainor, who co-wrote the tune with Harry Styles.

We caught up with Buble in Toronto this week.

How’s the promo for this going?

I’ve been in two countries a day. [The voice] is fine. This (points to his head) is the issue. People keep saying, ‘Do you do meditation?’ There’s a lot of big moments. Hosting the Brits [next year].

Why host The Brits (England’s version of The Grammys)?

I think being a dad gave me the perspective and the strength to know that I’m not going to fail. There’s no way I can fail cause I’m Noah and Eli’s dad and that’s my greatest success and all of these other things, I don’t need to take them seriously and they don’t need to be such a heavy burden.

What’s the reaction been like overseas?

To be honest with you, even before Canada, the place that sort of opened their arms to me was the U.K. I think they might know me better than almost any country. It’s a strange thing to say that as a Canadian.

Nobody But Me saw you co-producing for the first time plus mixing three originals with standards and pop classics like Brian Wilson’s God Only Knows. Why take the helm?

I felt instinctually that I could be on a trajectory that I wasn’t comfortable with in terms of career, in terms of how people viewed me, how I viewed myself. When you sell that many records and you have that kind of success, people are not as cozy with you making changes. God Only Knows, I sang it once. I walked into the studio. I stood next to the piano player, turned the lights off, took a picture of my kids and put it on the music stand and I sang it.

Are your kids sporty or musical?

They’re both. Well, for sure really musical. They really respond. Because Noah’s three he’s far more advanced obviously. But they’re both really expressive. It’s funny because they’re such a distinct personalities. Noah is really outgoing, a lot more like me. It’s funny too because his face looks like me but he’s got his mom’s blue eyes. And Elias looks like her but has my green eyes and he’s a lot more like his mom, much more understated and thougthful and pensive and shy.

When do you get to see your wife next?

Three more weeks. I’ve been away for five now. The thing that happened is that, and it was uncontrollable, at the same time that I’m having a moment, she is too. And there was no way to balance it. Every other time we’ve been able to coordinate schedules.

When are you touring?

Starting in the new year sometime. I’m going to do three weeks on and two weeks off. And I’m going to take longer to get around the world but because of that I keep my people on retainers. So every time I go off it’s a half-million bucks but the truth is I’m not going to be the story told about the entertainer that looked back on his life with regret because wasn’t a father or he wasn’t a good husband. I think I’ve got 47 countries, something like that.

How did the fragrance launch go?

I’m really proud of it. I love it. I went to New York where they did the big launch and I guess the journalists wouldn’t know but I had to walk past their room to go to mine and when I walked past the room I could hear them talking. And they were saying things like, ‘Oh, it’s really nice.’ And then another girl would say, ‘Oh, I thought it was going to smell like s--t.’