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24 Hours with Yanic Truesdale

By Sean Fitzgerald, 24 Hrs

Yanic Truesdale recently resumed his role as Michel Gerard in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Yanic Truesdale recently resumed his role as Michel Gerard in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

What shows did you binge on your holiday vacation? A number of people we know used the break to catch up on some of Netflix’s big titles from the past year – including the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life. To get an insider take on the cult show, we reached out to Montreal native Yanic Truesdale, who plays Michel Gerard, the feisty French concierge at the Dragonfly Inn.

Gilmore forever

I don’t think many actors have more than a cultish show in a career. I mean, if you look at the people on Seinfeld or the people on Friends...you have one big show, I think. I would love to have another one like that (laughs). But this is the reference [for fans], when I’m on the street when I travel the world. The only show, really, that has introduced me to the world, is Gilmore Girls. So that’s the one show that has changed my connection to people in the public.

The final four words

It opens something, as opposed to closing something. So, if left me wondering if people would want more, and now we have the reaction. Most people are saying, ‘Well, there’ll be more, right?’ And it’s like, ‘No, this is it!’ At the same time, I understand why she [creator Amy Sherman-Palladino] felt that this was good, because it’s like full circle. It makes a lot of sense, and it says a lot of things about where we come from, and the choices that we make in life.

More episodes on the way?

There’s absolutely no plan to continue the show. Again, there was no plan before [the revival], so will something happen? I have no idea. But there’s no plan, there’s no script, and no one’s asked me. There’s no Season 2 of the revival in the works. If they asked me, of course I’d consider it, but that’s so hypothetical.

Gay characters, part 1

Michel’s sexuality was never addressed in the initial run. Some people thought he was gay, some people thought he was straight, some people thought he had a crush on Lorelei. Amy left it that way for many reasons. One of which, 15 years ago, gay characters on TV were not as common. Sookie’s character [played by Melissa McCarthy] was supposed to be a lesbian, and the network [The WB] said no. So, it was not a time where you could just add gay characters without being reprimanded.

Gay characters, part 2

Obviously, 16 years later, being gay has absolutely zero consequences. On ABC, gay characters are having sex at eight o’clock at night. This is a different time. So, this time around, Amy could address Michel’s sexuality. But now that we know that the character is gay or not, or married or not, it has no effect because it’s too late in the game. Now, it’s as if we’re saying, ‘Michel loves the colour blue.’

Welcome to ShondaLand

I just shot an episode of The Catch on ABC, the Shonda Rhimes show. I’m very excited about this character. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the character, but it’s something very different than I’ve been doing in the States. So, great opportunity, great writing, great cast, and I was very excited to be asked to do that. I’ve literally wanted to work with her for 10 years, so that’s the cherry on top of that gig.