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Mafia chief with permanent erection faces stiff sentence

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Francesco Castriotta. (Handout)

Francesco Castriotta. (Handout)

An Italian mafia chieftain known for his permanent erection caused by an out-of-control cocaine habit has been nabbed and faces a stiff sentence.

Cops say notorious crime lord Francesco Castriotta, 42, was arrested over Christmas hiding out in El Vendrell, Spain, south of Barcelona. The announcement was made Thursday.

Castriotta fled Italy during his trial for cocaine trafficking and has spent the last seven years on the lam. He now faces 21 years in the slammer.

“He can expect a stiff penalty when he returns to Italy,” one Italian cop reportedly quipped, according to the Daily Star.

While awaiting trial in Milan in 2009, the cocaine-loving mobster pleaded with a judge not to toss him in jail because of his erectile troubles.

In court, he pressed a bag of ice to his aching groin. Castriotta feared that other inmates would laugh at him so the judge remanded him on house arrest.

Detectives say that they tracked the painful penis afflicted gangland czar via Christmas cards and telephone calls from his family in Italy.

Police said in a release: “[The arrest was] the result of the sacrifice and dedication of the police officers who, even at Christmas, have continued to work to locate this dangerous criminal."