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Evil granny murdered girl, 8

By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun

 Helen Ford

Helen Ford

The diary entries of a doomed little girl are utterly heartbreaking.

Gizzell ‘Gizzy’ Ford was just eight-years-old and an honour student when she was beaten to death by her grandmother in Chicago.

For the brave child, torture at the hands of her grandmother, Helen Ford, 55, was a sickening daily occurrence. Ford, a 275-pound bruiser, wore a belt around her neck to regularly whip the 70-pound child.

Gizzy’s diaries were entered into the record in an Illinois court where Helen Ford was convicted Thursday of first-degree murder in her granddaughter’s tragic, lonely death.

They tell the tale of a child who went from enjoying school yard games to being terrified for her life.

“I know if I be good and do everything I’m told I won’t have to do punishments,” Gizzy wrote in the summer of 2013, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The trial shocked the Second City in the way hundreds of shootings haven’t.

One veteran detective sobbed on the stand as she described Gizzy’s injuries.

Gizzy’s father, Andre Ford, had moved with Gizzy into his mother’s home eight months before the slaying. Bedridden and wracked with a chronic autoimmune disease, discipline of Gizzy and her half-brother was left to grandma.

Cops say, cruelty was something Helen Ford excelled in.

Helen Ford regularly beat Gizzy, often forcing her to squat for half the day, then making her stand for several hours, the Tribune said.

When cops found the dead girl on July 12, 2013, Gizzy was in a deplorable condition with maggots found living in an untreated open head wound that caused hardened to cry openly.

The diaries revealed that Gizzy seemed to be hanging on for school to start again in August to give her a break from the beatings.

She wouldn’t make it.

Two days before her death, Gizzy’s diary entry was soaked in despair.

“I hate this life because now I’m in super big trouble,” she wrote on July 11.

A family services investigator failed to previously note that a doctor found Gizzy had shown signs of being beaten.

Also shown in court was a cellphone video showing Gizzy being yelled at by her grandmother. She had a sock shoved in her mouth.

On the video, her father can be heard: “She’s getting defiant. She says she wants me to kill her. She also says she wants to kill herself.”

Court heard the little girl was also tied to her father’s bed for days at a time.

Once, she was battered for trying to get a drink of water — from the toilet.