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British spy agency going outside the Bond for new recruits

By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun

A screengrab from the M16 ad to find new recruits.

A screengrab from the M16 ad to find new recruits.

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”

So said 007 supervillain Auric Goldfinger as he prepared to kill iconic British spy James Bond in a most agonizing manner.

And the mood at MI6 — Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service — is much the same these days.

In a new recruitment drive, the service is emphasizing that they’re not looking for 007 types.

“There is a perception out there that we want Daniel Craig, or Daniel Craig on steroids. He would not get into MI6,” spymaster Alex Younger said.

Using movie theatre ads to reach beyond the old school ties where the agency has traditionally recruited, Younger — codename C — wants more women and ethnic minorities on Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The ads mark the first time the service had advertised in cinemas.

Younger said the spy agency has suffered from “groupthink.” She added that too many people who’d make stellar candidates are opting out of a career in espionage.

But now, MI6 is looking for recruits who can think outside the box and who aren’t necessarily martini-swilling thugs.

“They may well be able to use a revolver. But that’s not really what we are looking for,” Younger said.

“I want everyone to know that, regardless of background, if you have the skills we need and share our values, there is a future for you in MI6.”