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Mother devastated person who live-streamed son's death can't be charged

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A North Carolina mother is devastated that the person who livestreamed her son's death on Facebook won't be charged because police say no law was broken.

The final moments of Calvin Louis Blackshire Jr.'s life were recorded in a 10-minute video after he was shot at a Motel 6 in Fayetteville, N.C., on Jan. 19. Police were able to track down the person who recorded and posted the video, but Sgt. Pedro Orellano says they concluded that the person was not involved in the 27-year-old's death.

In the video you could see a number of people standing over Blackshire taking photographs. His mother said it was difficult for the family to watch people treating his death like "a sideshow."

"I just want to know who in the world with any kind of decency would do something like that?" the victim's mother, Pamela Blackshire said at a news conference, according to the Fayetteville Observer. "It's a shame they couldn't be arrested for watching someone dying and not assisting."

Police say officials at Facebook helped identify the person who recorded the video before it was removed from the site.

"It is despicable," Orellano said, according to the Observer. "I agree."

During the news conference, Blackshire's family pleaded for help solving the homicide.

"He was a hard-working young man," his mother said. "He didn't get into any kind of trouble and he never gave us any kind of problems."

"I miss his smile, miss his presence. I miss fussing with him, I miss everything about him," she said.

According to police, Blackshire was scheduled to meet someone at the motel on the night he was shot. When he arrived at the motel he was robbed of his cell phone and shoes. Officials aren't sure whether Blackshire was shot during the robbery or after.

Police are still looking for suspects in the shooting death.

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