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Long a bulwark of family values, Disney is introducing gay characters in its live action rendition of beauty and the Beast. DISNEY

Long a bulwark of family values, Disney is introducing gay characters in its live action rendition of beauty and the Beast. DISNEY


THE BIG STORY: Disney's two major firsts It's taken until 2017 but the Mouse is finally progressing. Disney is getting ready to introduce us to its first gay character in this month's Beauty and The Beast and I think we can all agree that it's about damn time. Josh Gad's LeFou is gay. Director Bill Condon revealed that LeFou will be the focus of Disney's first ever "exclusively gay moment" when he discovers his true feelings for Josh Gad his leader, Gaston. Apparently, as LeFou LeFou's sexuality is part of a small, significant subplot in the film, which Condon says will lead to a "payoff at the end." That's very cool to hear. Despite being long overdue, Disney deserves props for finally getting its act together in terms of inclusivity in film. Also, Stanley Tucci (Cadenza) and Audra McDonald (Madame de Garderobe) will be the first interracial couple to kiss on a live-action Disney film.

FLICK HITS: Dream Casting: Oscar Host 2018

I know, I know, we've been talking about it all week. The Oscars broadcast was godawful. In addition to the epic award disaster that closed the show, the entire evening was sleep-inducing (despite Jimmy Kimmel's charm and best intentions). All eyes will be focused on next year's broadcast to see how it will be able to redeem itself. To bounce back from last Sunday's mess, the 2018 Oscars will need to present itself with good vibes, good humour and self-deprecation. And that starts with finding the perfect host to be the face of the rebound. Here are my host suggestions to get the ball rolling early: Lin-Manuel Miranda: Everyone loves Lin. He's a genuine dude. He's smart, funny and multi-talented. He could entertain us all on his own for three straight hours. He'd be the perfect fit for a bounce-back broadcast.

Elizabeth Banks: Banks is blunt, honest and hilarious. How perfect would she be roasting the show all night?

Key & Peele: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele would be a stellar choice to help the Oscars rebound. They're young, smart, charming, and dripping with wit. They're also two of Hollywood's brightest up-and-comers. Reunite them for next year's show.

Stephen Colbert: Colbert is sharp, witty, brave, and not afraid to tell it like it is. If he kills it hosting the Emmys this year, sign him up.

The Rock: Yea, this is a stretch. But how ridiculously great would it be to have The Rock host the show? He's charming, witty and pretention-free. DJ could be the face of a much-needed Oscars overhaul.

Bunch of bull-Pitt

Between the Oscars putting you to sleep and distracting you with the biggest flub in award show history, there's a good chance you noticed that a certain A-lister was missing from the fold. Where the hell was Brad Pitt? (You know, the same Brad Pitt whose production company produced this year's Best Picture, Moonlight.) According to insiders, Pitt was in the throws of a 10-day long clay-sculpting project at his friend Thomas Houseago's studio and decided to skip the show. What? As much as I love that ridiculous mental picture, Pitt should have got his ass to the show.

Artsy Logan

Everyone is praising this week's big release, Logan, for breaking the standard Marvel mold. It's raw, ruthless, and feels more like a classic American Western than a modern superhero flick. To match its awesome, retro feel, director James Mangold leaked on Twitter that he is working on releasing a black-and-white version of the flick. It is uncertain whether it will be a theatrical release or a Blu-ray feature, but either way, how cool is that? I admire the effort of adding artistic value in a Marvel release. It will definitely be worth a rewatch.


Must-See: Logan Get it straight. Logan is not the same old superhero-stacked popcorn flick that we've seen a billion times from Marvel Studios. It's gritty, gripping, heavy and smart. Critics are saying that Hugh Jackman's last run as Wolverine is most definitely his best. This is Marvel's equivalent of The Dark Knight. Whether you're an X-Men fan or not, go see this flick. You will love it.

Hard Pass: Table 19 The only thing being dished out at Table 19 is hot garbage. Critics are trashing the Anna Kendrick rom-com for being a humourless, miscast, snoozefest. Don't waste your money. (You're better than this, Anna!)