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TV CHEAT SHEET: Pumped for Survivor!

Our TV maven Denette Wilford is all set for Survivor: Game Changers. CBS

Our TV maven Denette Wilford is all set for Survivor: Game Changers. CBS


**WARNING: Some content may contain spoilers**

Top 3 New Shows

Time After Time Inspired by the book and 1979 film of the same name, ABC's time-travel series centres around H.G. Wells, the man famous for writing The Time Machine. But Time After Time's Wells (Freddie Stroma) hasn't penned anything yet - but he has built a machine. It kicks off with Wells learning his friend John Stevenson (Josh Bowman) is actually Jack the Ripper, with the two winding up in present-day NYC in a game of cat and mouse.

Airs: Sunday, March 5 on ABC

Making History It's a totally different kind of time-travel series, the comedy follows knucklehead Dan (Adam Pally), who transports back and forth to the 1700s to spend time with his 18th-century girlfriend (Leighton Meester), who just happens to be Paul Revere's daughter. Because of their relationship, Deborah's dad ends up delaying his famous ride, thus messing with the outcome of the American Revolution and effectively changing the history of the world. With the help of history professor Chris (Yassir Lester), they try to set matters right. If your sense of humour is more juvenile than sophisticated (guilty!), this will be right up your alley.

Airs: Sunday, March 5 on Fox

Ice The Green family is in the diamond business and things are going fine until loose cannon Freddy (Jeremy Sisto) kills a shady dealer. That means it's up to his brother Jake (Cam Gigandet) to save the day and protect the family from their increasingly powerful rivals. With Training Day director and series executive producer Antoine Fuqua at the helm, the L.A.-set series looks sharp and stylized and the drama and action is intense.

Airs: Monday, March 6 on Super Channel

Top 4 Returning Shows

Broadchurch The final season of the BBC hit finds the show going back to its roots and exploring how the town deals with another devastating crime. With the death of 11-year-old Danny Latimer mostly behind them, it's a sexual assault in the seaside town that now has everyone shaken. Leave it to Hardy and Miller to make it more about the human aspects and not a whodunit (though they will stop at nothing, mark my words). Broadchurch is at its most powerful and gripping when it focuses on the details - and the crime against Trish Winterman will hit you hard.

Airs: Sunday, March 5 on Showcase

Shades of Blue Season 2 picks up right where the first left off, as Harlee's got a whole new secret, a neck-snapping doozy. Wozniak's out, having struck a deal with Stahl (one he'll regret, no doubt), and the team will soon have both the FBI and Internal Affairs to contend with. The show is twisty and turny as ever, with so many double crosses you might lose track. Add in Anna Gunn, as a former protégée of Woz's, to an already stacked cast and this fast-paced cop drama will surprise you once again with how good it actually is.

Airs: Sunday, March 5 on Global and NBC

The Americans Picking up a few months after the death of William Crandall, we find the Jennings back at work in what could be their most shocking operation yet. Yeah, yeah, big words but knowing this is the penultimate season, it feels like the writers are laying out the groundwork for what looks to be a wild ride, wilder than ever. And with Elizabeth and Philip really questioning whether or not their country is as great to its people as they've been made to believe, we have to ask - does this show really have to end?

Airs: Tuesday, March 7 on FX

The Catch Shonda Rhimes' show that isn't Grey's Anatomy, Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder is back and I admit, despite my enjoyment of the show, I was a little surprised it was renewed, but happy because I'm a fan. The premiere has a lot going on: Ben is forced to work with Rhys again; Margot hits a roadblock while being the big bad boss lady; and Alice, Val, Danny and Sophie are trying to resuscitate the firm. Add in T.R. Knight as Alice's brother, Tommy, and The Catch might finally measure up to the other Shondaland shows. Really.

Airs: Thursday, March 9 on CTV and ABC

Top 2 Reality Shows

Survivor The theme for its 34th season is "Game Changers," featuring 20 returning castaways who made an impact in their respective season, whether they won, made big, significant moves, or simply helped evolve the game. In the two-hour premiere, there's an epic showdown between two legends; two other castaways try to put their pasts behind them; while another introduces the "spy shack 2.0." Seventeen years later, the goal is still to outwit, outplay and outlast, but in a season this savvy, whoever will be the last one standing gets serious bragging rights.

Airs: Wednesday, March 8 on Global and CBS

Kicking and Screaming Unlike Survivor, Fox's comedic competition features 10 survivalists and 10 people who I'm surprised can walk and talk at the same time. Picture Bear Grylls being paired with the couchiest of couch potatoes, valley-est of Valley girls or nerdiest of chess champions, multiply that by a thousand and you still won't come up with the teams vying for half a million dollars.

Airs: Thursday, March 8 on Fox 

Applause, Applause: Lena Dunham and Matthew Rhys, Girls

Girls is often at its sharpest during its selfcontained episodes, but this week's episode might be the best of them all, maybe the best Girls episode to date. Dunham, who wrote the episode, was clearly - but not specifically - targeting Woody, Cosby and Ghomeshi in American Bitch. It was a well-rounded discussion we all needed to hear as the power dynamic between influential men and the women they abuse is examined.

Hannah visits writer Chuck Palmer (Rhys) in his swanky apartment to discuss an article she wrote about him and the women who accused him of sexual assault. That sets off a verbal chess match, Hannah on the offensive and Chuck with his back up. There's skepticism from both sides as they try to explain themselves and it's actually a grown-up conversation, with each thoughtfully processing what the other has to say.

Of course it all goes to s--when they enter his bedroom and he lies down on his bed, fully clothed, and asks her to lie next to him. She wouldn't, right? Oh, but Chuck was that good and by that point, he had changed Hannah's opinion of him and she even second-guessed what she wrote. That's when he took his pecker out and PUT IT ON HER LEG. He manipulated her, she was disgusted with herself, and he loved every second of it. Rhys was perfection as Hannah's former idol, and Dunham was all of us, reinforcing how even the most aware can fall for power and charm.