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Unprepared parents are sulking as a soggy Spring Break approaches

By Bianca Bujan

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(Getty Images)

There was a time when the words “Spring Break” conjured up images of college kids in a drunken stupor, partying it up in Daytona Beach, flashing their boobs and jostling their junk in hopes of making a cameo on MTV’s live broadcast of the Floridian festivities.

I was never one of those kids, but I can remember sitting in front of the TV with my eyes glued to the screen, fascinated by the Spring Break shenanigans and thinking that one day, when I was a grown up, I’d get to experience all the hedonistic happenings of the spring celebrations in real life.

Now that I’m a parent, those same two words carry a whole new meaning. Sure, Spring Break still involves crazy, carefree kids, the flashing of body parts, and shameless shenanigans, but when you’re the parent of the petite party animals, it just doesn’t carry the same cachet.

While children are celebrating their last days of school, and teachers are excitedly sighing breaths of relief as they prepare for a two-week break from their classroom kids, parents are sulking in anticipation of what’s to come.

Thanks to Vancouver’s soggier-than-usual spring weather, the “break” will be anything but restful for parents without plans.

Smart parents prepared well in advance, with plane tickets in hand ready to whisk their families off to warmer destinations, or with jam-packed activity schedules for their otherwise squirrelly kids who would be stuck indoors for most of Spring Break.

Then there are the parents (like myself), who got so wrapped up in the fear of overcrowded resorts, overpriced tickets and costly camps, that they forgot what they’d be left with without a plan in place.

Last year, we were graced with warm spring weather, so while I was stuck working at home with three kids by my side, I was somewhat able to balance downtime with free time, allowing my kids to play outdoors and go on short day trips to divide our time and keep ourselves busy.

Unfortunately, the Vancouver forecast for the coming weeks is looking as grey and dismal as my ability to remain sane as I try to figure out how to keep my kids from going stir crazy while I complete my work and remain productive.

Perhaps all of us unprepared parents should get together, pre-plan for next year’s Spring Break, and get into a drunken stupor while we weather the Spring Break storm, eagerly awaiting a return to regular routines. Who’s with me?

Bianca Bujan is a mom of three, freelance writer, and content marketing Queen Bee. She tweets at @bitsofbee and blogs at Comments: