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MOVIE CHEAT SHEET: Who to play Wolverine?

Brian Gasparek is asking: Whole the hell is going to replace Hugh Jackman as iconic Canadian superhero, The Wolverine? MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT

Brian Gasparek is asking: Whole the hell is going to replace Hugh Jackman as iconic Canadian superhero, The Wolverine? MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT


THE BIG STORY: Dream Casting: The next Wolverine

The release of Logan last week was the ultimate reminder that Hugh Jackman feels irreplaceable as Wolverine. After nine film appearances as the iconic mutant in 17 years, we can all agree he was perfectly cast. But whether we like it or not, a new Wolverine awaits us because cash talks in Hollywood.

This week, longtime X-Men movie writer/producer Simon Kinberg mentioned that when it comes time to cast a new Wolverine, Jackman will help choose his successor. "I can't visualize in my head another Wolverine," said Kinberg, "But if that day ever comes, we would talk to Hugh about it." Since that day is inevitable (despite Kinberg's optical hesitation), the question is, who can legitimately inherit the claws and keep our love for this character alive? (You know, like how Heath Ledger handled The Joker, versus that putz, Jared Leto.)

Here's my list of actors that I think could painlessly transition into the role of the shredded, gruff, loveable X-Men badass, without making us long for Hugh.

Tom Hardy: Tom Hardy is my top choice. We've seen him play a buff, gruff, ass-kicker many times over. He'd need to work on his wisecracks, but he'd be perfect as the feral anti-hero.

Charlie Hunnam: Hunnam is basically Tom Hardy lite. He's a big, ripped, scruffy badass who could easily don the claws.

Garrett Hedlund: Garrett Hedlund has played cool good guys and sinister bad guys. I'd love to see him concoct a perfect balance of both as the next Logan.

Scott Eastwood: If a young Wolverine is what Marvel seeks, Scott Eastwood could easily be their man. Being a badass runs in his blood, and he kind of looks like Wolverine to begin with. He died in Suicide Squad. Might as well join the X-Men.

FLICK HITS: Kill Bad Boys 3 already

Can we cut the BS and just kill production on Bad Boys 3 already? Even the guy helming the film doesn't want anything to do with it. It was announced this week director and scriptwriter Joe Carnahan has bailed on the movie (dreadfully titled Bad Boys For Life) due to "creative differences." That's code for 'it's a pile of crap.' Let's be honest with ourselves: It's been 14 years since the last garbage sequel. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are now 50. There's no thirst for this. Just dice it and spare us the eye rolls.

Moonlight shining wide

It took winning Best Picture at the Oscars to happen but it's nice to see that Moonlight has finally received a wide release. The film was one of the lowest-grossing Best Picture winners of all time but now it has a chance to make some well-deserved dough. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, it's playing in several theatres across the city. Go make a night of it.

Epic Godfather reunion

If anyone is going to the closing-night screening at the Tribeca Film Festival next month and needs a plus one, I'm your guy. That night, the festival is hosting back-to-back screenings of Godfather films in honour of its 45th anniversary. And right after, it will house one of the most epic film reunions of all time with the cast. Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Talia Shire, James Caan, Diane Keaton, Francis Ford Coppola and Robert De Niro (who starred in 1974 sequel The Godfather Part II) are all going to be hanging out and reminiscing. How insane is that? Seriously, please take me. I'll buy dinner after, I swear.

Tell 'em, Sam Jackson

Come on, Marvel. How the hell do you finally make your first black-led superhero flick and not include even a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson? For years, Jackson's Nick Fury was the only black character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and he appeared in literally every movie. Now, with next year's progressive release of The Black Panther, you don't even give the dude a cameo? Shame. Even Sam is pissed. And he made it clear this week. "I can't go to Wakanda, for some reason. I'm the only black character you've got in the Marvel universe right now, now for some reason when you do a black Marvel movie, I can't show up in Wakanda? Okay, fine. I'll meet him later." I'm just glad I don't have to handle Jackson's fury.


Mighty Good: Kong: Skull Island

Obviously Kong: Skull Island isn't a cinematic masterpiece or a future awards season darling. But if you adore monster movies and solid actions flicks, you're going to love this film. Critics are saying that Skull Island is a blast. It's fast, fun and incredible to look at. The CGI is brilliant. Sure the A-list cast mail in their parts, but you won't care. Skull Island is what modern monster movies should all aspire to be. Study up, Jurassic World 2.