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Terrible twos; Queen Elizabeth II unphased by toddler's tantrum

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He wasn't amused.

A two-year-old boy didn't seem too pleased on Thursday upon having the chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II in London. 

According to the Telegraph, Alfie Lunn was selected to present flowers to her majesty during an Armed Forces ceremony but instead descended into a hissy fit that has since gone viral online. 

Alfie's mother, Cpl. Michele Lunn, picked up the boy and the young man reluctantly handed the flowers to Queen Elizabeth as the Duke of Edinburgh looked on, seemingly amused by the experience.

The Queen didn't seem phased by the boy's temper tantrum. She smiled at Alfie and his parents throughout the encounter.

British Prime Minister Theresa May greeted the young boy and his family a short time later.

“He doesn't look very smart,” May told the family. “Perhaps that's what's making him grumpy.”

Both of Alfie's parents served in the military. His father, Sgt. Mark Lunn, served in Iraq and Afghanistan, while his mother, Michele, also served in Afghanistan.

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