The 10 types of friends you'll make in university

By Raven Nyman

(nd3000/Getty Images)

(nd3000/Getty Images)

University is one of the most wonderful places to meet people. Whether it’s networking at a club event or making friends with the dorm-room occupant across the hall, there are many valuable connections to be made during your post-secondary education. Today, let’s take a look at 10 types of friends you’re sure to make in university.

The Study Buddy:

This is the friend who’s always got your back. Whether you’ve missed a class or just don’t understand a concept, the Study Buddy will be there to help, to listen, or just to commiserate with. You know you’ve got yourself a good one when you can work alongside each other in content silence. This is a relationship that benefits both of you mutually, and it’s certainly one to be thankful for.

The Trust Fund Friend:

This is the friend who’s never had to worry about student loans, scrounging together money for ramen, or maintaining part-time employment during the school year. For those who have the Trust Fund friend, they can be an infinite source of jealousy. It may seem like they have things so easy, and that doors open for them without them even having to knock. We’re talking internships in fabulous cities, and funds to start up their own business right after graduation. If you can dream it, the Trust Fund Friend can get it. This is certainly not the friend for everyone, but you’re guaranteed to encounter them, and you should do so with as much grace as you can muster.

The Frazzled One:

You know that person who always shows up late, usually looking a bit sweaty and distressed but otherwise alive? Yep, that’s the Frazzled one, and I have to admit: at times, I might just be that friend. Still, the Frazzled friend is someone you can always count on to show up and support you, even if that means arriving dishevelled and a few minutes late. This friend’s apartment might resemble the aftermath of a tornado, complete with piles of books and papers scattered across every surface. Note: that “might” turns into a “definitely” come midterm or exam season. But hey, they’ve got a lot on their plate, so cut them some slack!

The Keener:

That friend who gets everything done early, never procrastinates, and always gives 110%. You’ll find them asking clarifying questions before, during, and after class. They aren’t afraid to hit up each and every office hour and they usually make up the rare few brave enough to use the home phone number professors sometimes give out with their syllabi.

The No-Strings Friend:

This is somebody who’s probably been in a ton of your classes. You smile and catch up every time you see them, asking about each other’s weekends, but maybe they don’t have social media, maybe you run in different circles, or perhaps you’ve just never had the time or gotten around to hanging out beyond class. Regardless, this is usually one of those friends you really wish you had the time to get to know better.

The Miracle-Worker:

This person somehow takes on and succeeds in absolutely everything. You won’t find them binging Netflix specials or sleeping in. Instead, the Miracle-Worker holds down multiple jobs, keeps a perfect grade point average, hits the gym regularly, and somehow manages to always look flawless doing so. Most of us attribute this to magic, money, or some kind of miracle. Whatever it is, we want the secret.

The Lounge Lurker:

With their head down and their ears open, this person seems to know everything about everyone. When’s the next ice cream social? Ask the Lounge Lurker. Where’s the advising office? Ask the Lounge Lurker. How long does it take to drive to Squamish? You know who to ask. This person is somehow always strolling the buildings in their department, and if they’re not on the move then they’re almost certainly sitting in the lounge, collecting more information about everything and anything.

The Optimist:

If you don’t have an Optimist among your friends and acquaintances, I highly recommend finding one. For those of us who are realists, or even pessimists, having an Optimist around can be infuriating at times. However, there’s something to be said of their perpetual excitement, enthusiasm, and joy for all that life has to offer. The Optimist will always find a way to see the glass half full, and will always be the Cheerleader you never knew you needed.

The Leech:

Not to be confused with the Study Buddy, the Leech probably won’t affect you much, until it’s the night before an exam and they’re suddenly begging for your notes. With our Study Buddies, the relationship is mutually beneficial: we help each other, we like each other, and we are kind to one another. The Leech, on the other hand, has nothing but self-interest at heart. This is the person begging to exchange study guides at the last minute, when you know damn well that they missed most of the classes in the course and have nothing to offer you in return. For those of us who struggle with being “too nice,” it’s hard to say no. However, you’ve got to nip that kindness in the bud sometimes, because a Leech will take your notes, consume them, then turn into a ghost when you actually get sick and need a recap on a missed lecture.

The Forever Friend:

Now, this last friend likely exists within many of the Friend-types already mentioned above, except maybe the Leech. Each of our friends are different, but that’s what makes them special. Though university is filled with everyday interactions that may never recur, it’s also filled with opportunities to develop life-long friendships. Sure, you may not be able to become best friends with each special person you meet, and you may not be able to keep in close contact with everyone either, but these relationships are certainly worth building and maintaining.